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Elize Ryd is a Swedish singer, composer, dancer and performer. She's educated in jazz, pop, rock, blues and classical singing. Her vocal range is High Belt and Coloratura Soprano. She's also a Jazz, Ballet and modern jazz-dancer. Elize has experience in six years as a professional artist. So far Elize have been playing 620 live shows as an individual artist and together with her band Amaranthe, and Kamelot.


Elize Ryd was born into a family of musicians and started to sing and dance when she was 3 year old. From the very beginning it was obvious that she had a unique voice and a natural talent for singing, theatre and dancing. Elize was only 4 years old when she performed in public for the very first time. At the age of 13 she won a talent contest in Gothenburg as the youngest participant in the competition. She also received a scholarship award as "most promising singer". After graduating from elementary school, she decided to become a professional musical artist. In year 2003 Elize graduated from a 3 year long education at Kongahälla gymnasiets Musical program, and in year 2007 she graduated from Gothenburg's Performing Arts School - School for Professional Musical Artists.


Already in year 2003 Elize got in touch with the singer of the Swedish power metal band "Falconer, who asked her to be a guest on their 4:th album. It would be her first step into the music industry.


In year 2005 she met Jake E. from the band "Dreamland". He asking her to sing on "Fade Away" with Dreamland. Olof Mörck heard her vocals and asked her for a collaboration with his band "Dragonland" and she recorded vocals on their album "Astronomy". It was the beginning of a strong friendship, and they started to write music together. Avalanche, later renamed AMARANTHE, was born.


Elize was working as a Show artist in the high-class Cabaret Lorensberg in Gothenburg between the years 2007-2009. She quit after getting a record deal at Spinefarm/Universal with her band.


AMARANTHE's debute album was released in April 2011 and reached immediate recognition. Swedish newspapers praised them as a band able to "conquer the world". Indeed that catchy album, where Elize's voice stands out for its warmth, energy and purity, was soon acclaimed worldwide, even being the 84th most played album on Spotify in the whole world, all genres. Elize, along with the band, received two gold records for "Hunger" and "Amaranthine". Amaranthe also won the -Bandit Rock Awards- for the year's "Swedish breakthrough" 2012.


Besides touring with Amaranthe, Elize did a full European Tour with the melodic symphonic metal band "Kamelot" in 2010, followed by major festivals around the globe. In 2011 she joined them again for their Worldwide tour, doing special guest appearances all over South America, North America and Europe. In 2012 she is one of the guest singers on Kamelots album "Silverthorn" and she make the video "Sacrimony" with the band. Early in 2013 she starts to work with Timo Tolkki and his metal opera "Avalon". And even here she records a music video for the song "Enshrined in my memory" directed by Patric Ullaeus.


Besides her collaboration with Kamelot and Timo she took part in many albums by Swedish and international artists, such as Takida, Renegade Few and Dreamstate. Late 2013 she released a single "Julen Är Här" together with Tony Kakko from Sonata Artica. She also participated in the tour "Raskasta Joulua" in Helsinki and Tampere Finland. During the tour she sang "Ave Maria" in Finnish Tv together with Marco Hietala from Nightwish. The album "Raskasta Joulua" sold Platina in Finland and Elize recieves her first Platina album in December 2013.






Elize on Tour with Amaranthe

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